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Terms and Conditions

This web site allows a buyer and a seller to find each other. This web site is not involved in the transaction in any way. All transactions are strictly between the buyer and the seller. Just Old trucks bears no responsibility for the accuracy of any add on this site. This site is on the World Wide Web, yesteryears equivalent of the wild, wild west. If you agree to buy or sell an item we caution you to find out who you are dealing with, even whether or not the item actually exist and it's exact condition before money is involved.

There are several things you can do to protect yourself.

Ideally make the transaction in person or have a trusted friend make the purchase for you. Truck clubs are an ideal way to find a person near the seller who can stop by and confirm the item, even make the transaction..

You can hire a escrow service to act as a go between. You'll find several listed in Hemmings Motor News.

Make sure you have good current contact information for the person you are dealing with, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Head off to a search engine and run the persons name and phone number. Take the time to read ALL THE LINKS. If the person has scammed others in the past there MAY BE a record of it on the Internet somewhere.

The bottom line is its up to you to do due diligence whether you are the buyer or the seller. It can be a cold cruel world out there! Buyer Beware!!!!

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